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Your Getting Married... Hurrah

As your wedding photographer, I don’t just aim to capture your day I aim to enhance your whole day experience. I wish to try and be the bridesmaid you never had - give you guidance, support and assist you through your greatest day ever. If your wedding date is available, you adore my style of work & approach. Then I would love to chat further to see if we are a a fit! I only take on a select number of weddings per year, so do get in touch sooner rather than later. I try to keep it as simple and easy for you both as much as possible. If we are a fit, then pay your booking fee (deposit)and the date is yours!


I then hope we are going to be good friends from hen onwards. I will be by your side for the bestest day of your life, and together we’re going to have so much fun, get 'emosh', and get some absolutely immense shots!


I really adore two aspects above all others on your wedding day – 'real unposed moments' and 'exquisite portraits' of you both. I will work with a great deal of effort & endurance  on your wedding day to provide you with both of these. For the vast majority of a wedding day, I work as a documentary wedding photographer, which means that I capture your day exactly as it happens, naturally, rather than interfering to a make things happen. It is your day, and I will never take over your day. In reality, apart from when I take selected group photographs of your family and friends, and also portraits of you both, nothing will be contrived & my aim is that you forget I am even there so you can just concentrate on having an amazing day. Through me capturing the real moments of your wedding day it just really means that your photographs will take you back to how you and your guests really felt - Genuine Emotion.  

Wedding Portrait Photography


"We can not recommend Polly enough! We feel like we struck gold by finding and booking her to photograph our wedding. She made us, and our guests feel completely comfortable on the day (no easy task for a couple that are not naturally comfortable in front of the camera!)

We have just viewed our highlights in the form of a slideshow date night! We had our drinks ready and the TV set up ready for the link to be sent through and nothing could have prepared us for the emotion we felt seeing those moments to music, Polly has an eye for the fine details - the little ushers shoes, the excitement on the bridesmaids faces, being able to take a beautiful landscape and somehow take it from an angle to not include the ugly caravan in the background!

I urge you to choose Polly to be a part of your day and you will be in the safest most capable hands, and when you get the chance to view those first highlights - trust her advice and do it properly with a big screen and a glass of wine! Thank you Polly!"



For me, for photographs to have real value and become more important to you in the future, it is really important that they are genuine and true to the real moment. I try be within the action & emotion to capture you and your family and friends exactly as they are, as opposed to me continually asking you to pose & interfering. I want your wedding day to be your day, rather than it being what I direct. Deep down I want to provide you with a gallery of images which you not only adore when you first see them (get you emotional), but which become absolutely irreplaceable.


I will work in a way which will make you feel completely at ease so that you will almost forget that I am present for the majority of the day. I find that the more relaxed you are, the more natural your photographs will be. A common phrase brides & grooms will say when they look at their wedding photographs for the first time is that they don’t remember the photograph being taken! I do however also love interacting with your friends & family to also make them feel at ease, so I can bring the best out of them too (so they are not afraid to be themselves)! I usually feel like part of the family by the end of the day...


Portraits is such a lovely time for us to focus on you both & create some really beautiful & natural photographs of you both it is also an opportunity for me to become creative and create images for you which you will love. It's a really great time for you both to step away from all the madness and spend a little bit of time together, to soak up your day so far and reflect (as it does go soo quickly!). A lot of my bride and grooms can be quite nervous about having their photographs taken but I can reassure you that this is completely normal and I love when you see that there is nothing to worry about, how they can really enjoy this time and it really comes across in the photographs. "Most of my reviews will mention about how comfortable I made them feel in front of the camera! ;)" 


I love taking portrait photographs of my couples, however the last thing I want to do is to take you away from your family & friends for too long. So I will take you away for two 10-15 minute sessions on your wedding day. The first portrait session would tend to be after your ceremony & group shots but before you are seated for your wedding breakfast. Then the second session would be in the evening, either at sunset or at twilight when I can get creative with my flashes to create some really unique "wow" shots for you to show off!


One of the most common things which my couples will say to me is that they don’t know how to pose or they feel awkward in front of the camera/ camera shy. But I can promise you that more or less every couple which I have ever photographed over my 10 years as a wedding photographer has said exactly that (I even said that on my own wedding). I will help relax you both and use a variety of prompts, even sometimes ask you to play games with each other to create those natural moments I love. I can promise you I will never ask you to “pose” as such - so do not worry :) 


​"...My Husband was not keen on having lots of photos taken but I was desperate to get some quality dream wedding day shots and Polly was superb at making us both feel super relaxed. For me what makes an excellent photographer stand out from a good photographer is having great people skills and being able to work all different types of people. Polly is definitely a people person with an excellent personality which is needed to know how to work people to get them where they need to be. Polly came with some excellent ideas for some beautiful shots which she had obviously researched from our venue before arrival.." 



So you have read all of the above, discovered a little about me and are keen to chat more. Amazing! Now you would like to know if numbers & budgets will work for you both. Of course, I am super happy to share this with you. 

All I need you to do is is fill in a few details about you & then you will have everything you need to take the next step. Just click on the button below... fill in the form & my Brochure will appear in your inbox! Hurrah!

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