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If you are looking for a photographer who fits right in with your family & makes you feel super comfortable and will not take over your day then YES thats ME! To discover more about my packages please click on the link below to download my brochure...


I love two things above all others on a wedding day – real, unposed, moments and beautiful portraits of you both. And I work as hard as I can on your wedding day to provide you with both of these. 

For the vast majority of a wedding day, I work as a documentary wedding photographer, which means that I capture your day exactly as it happens, naturally, rather than making things happen. It is your day, not mine. In fact, apart from when I take group photographs of your family and friends, and also portraits of you both (which I only ask for a very short amount of time), nothing will be staged and my aim is that you forget I am even there and just concentrate on having fun and having the best day ever. Through the moments being real and genuine, your wedding photographs will remind you of not only what your day looked like, but more importantly, they will also take you back to how you felt.


For me, for photographs to have real value and become more and more important to you in the future, it is really important that they are genuine and true to the real moment. I try to capture you and your family and friends exactly as they are, as opposed to me continually asking you to pose and do things. I want your wedding day to be your day, rather than it being what I direct. Ultimately I want to provide you with a set of photographs which you not only love when you first see them, but which become absolutely invaluable in the future. This is why I believe in capturing real moments and genuine, non-posed emotions.


In order for me to capture these real moments, I work in a way which will make you feel completely at ease and hopefully you will almost forget that I am there for the majority of the day. I find that the more relaxed you are, the more natural your photographs will be. In fact, one of the nicest things which bride and grooms can say when they look at their wedding photographs for the first time is that they don’t remember the photograph being taken – I love that.


For the vast majority of a wedding day I photograph your day in a way which I hope helps you forget that I am even there. The short time that we take for portraits however is a nice chance for us to create some really beautiful and natural photographs of you both and a chance for me to become creative and produce images for you which you will love. This can also be a really great time for you both to spend a little bit of time together on the wedding day, away from your family and friends for a few minutes. Many of my bride and grooms can be quite nervous about having their photograph taken but that is completely normal and I love how, when you see that there is literally nothing to worry about, they can really enjoy this time and that really comes across in the photographs.


Although I absolutely love taking portrait photographs of my bride and grooms, the last thing I want is to take you away from your family and friends for very long. So I tend to ask my couples if I can take them away for two little twenty minute sessions on a wedding day. 

The first twenty minute portrait session would tend to be after your ceremony but before you are seated for your wedding breakfast. And the second one would be in the evening, either at sunset or in the dark when I can get creative with my flashes to create some really creative and unique wow shots for you!


One of the most common things which my bride and grooms say to me is that they don’t know how to pose or they always feel awkward in front of the camera. But I can absolutely promise you that more or less every couple which I have ever photographed over my 8 years as a wedding photographer has said exactly that. As long as you can stand next to each other, that is all I ask. I may sometimes ask you to play little games with each other to create very natural moments but I can promise you I will never ask you to “pose” as such.

For your portrait photographs to be natural, it is really important that I make my bride and grooms feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible so all you have to do is be yourself. I am sure that every bride and groom which you see on this page would have said to me that they can’t pose, don’t like having their photograph taken and don’t know what to do – so don’t worry, that is completely natural but nothing at all to worry about!


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